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To make a Dxpedition is supposed to be a dream of every hamradio operators. I was no exception. In the eighties I was very happy to collect the big 5Band-awards (5BDXCC, 5BWAZ, 5BWAS) first time in my country and at last the transformation of our country's political system made it possible to begin the preparation of my old dream, the first Dxpedition. The vast Pacific region had been the target area for a long time. Not because of the azure lagoons and charming Polynesian women you can see in every film made in that region, not because it sounds so romantic but because it was the very region that interested me the most since my childhood. Novels by Robert Louis Stevenson, William Mariner, Rev. Buzacott, Sigrid Koch, etc. made their impact on me: I wanted to share their experiences, I wanted to see how folks live on those tiny islands struggling with the elements of Nature, where the way of life has not changed much during centuries. Later while visiting more and more small islands called coral atolls in the Pacific I had to realize that a much bigger danger is ahead for these poor natives: the slow but unavoidable disappearance of their homes caused by the Human being. Everyone has already heard and read about global warming, the greenhouse effect. But if you see it by your own eyes, it is different. It is rather difficult to imagine that half of a small runway is flooded at high tide. Well, this web site cannot be committed to this topic, instead let me deal with some hamradio aspects.


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